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Read Supergirl from the story Erotic Reigns of Superman by vybz-kartel with allaboutthehome.infoter 2: Supergirl The death of Lois Lane hit Superman far worse th. It is just a fantasy non-consent erotica with a focus on supegirl fan-fiction, uniforms, lesbians, lesbian incest and slut training. I have downloaded most pictures from the internet with no real world relevance. I do not encourage any non-consent actions against women. It is just a kinky story based on the tv-show with Melissa. Within an hour, "Supergirl's Orgy" has received a million views on YouPorn. Back at CatCo, Cat has rechristened Supergirl as Superslut. "She's almost as filthy as you are, Kira. Normally I "The lawsuits against the porn sites have no fucking chance. Not that I give two shits. I'm done defending whores.

Strangely, every time she behaved in a manner that was totally improper and immoral, yet erotic and arousing, she found that she liked the sensation. The shear magnitude of she—Supergirl—behaving in this manner was a powerful aphrodisiac. She watched Rod's manhood grow larger as he approached  Trial of Supergirl (Part 1- 14). Please do not read if under 18 years of age or offended by sexually explicit stories and situations. (c) Couture *********** "I see your five dollars and raise you another three," Lexi said. "I'm out," Jill said. "This is too rich for my blood." Stacy's stomach felt like an empty pit. She had never been this close to winning before. This is my second erotic story, so please, have mercy while criticizing. Of course, I'm open for constructive critique, but no flames, please. If you don't like this story, just forget about it. If you like it, just write a few words at [email protected] Thanks for a feedback for my first story, after all. This particular story was inspired.

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